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Our goal is to give u the retiree, the best suitable product and best care with the best fund performance from our insurers.

We make use of the top insurers and wealth managers in South Africa to give you the best.

Which one is my retirement dream?
About annuities
Living, life, fixed or guaranteed annuities is created when u retire from a retirement annuity, pension or provident fund.
What to do when u retire?

Contact us to make a appointment and get the right product for u, to get started with the transfer of your funds efficiently and cost effectively, so that your funds can start working for u to create a income that can last.

It is important to know that from the money available up to 1/3 can be taken and the remaining 2/3 can provide a income from 2.5% up to 17.5% of the fund value per year.
Tax implications with withdrawal are as follows:
Up to R500 000:0% of taxable income
 R500 001 to R700 000:18% of taxable income above R500 000
 R700 001 to R1050 000:R36 000 + 27% of taxable income above 700 000
 R1050 001 and above:R130 500 + 36% of taxable income above R10500 000
How much tax do I pay on pension or provident funds when I resign
Up to R25 000:0% of taxable income
 R25 001 to R660 000:18% of taxable income above R25 000
 R660 001 to R990 000:R114 300 + 27% of taxable income above R660 000
 R990 001 and above:R203 400 + 36% of taxable income above R990 000
Why use us:
We use top funds to give u excellent growth on your funds so that u can sustain your level of income as long as possible. Some of them are:
 All Liberty Funds
 All Momentum Funds
 All Discovery Funds
 All Sanlam Funds
 Allan Gray Equity
 Allan Gray Balance
 Coronation Balanced Plus
 Coronation Equity
 Coronation top 20
 Old Mutual Rainmaker


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